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Youth is an important force for social development, which is why educational support has always been one of the key focus areas for Volkswagen Group China. From 2021, Volkswagen Group China will provide diversified educational programs through the “Youth Summit” project, aiming to stimulate Chinese university students’ awareness of future mobility topics in the digital era, enhance their competencies and creativity, and shape the future of mobility together with them. In addition, the Group will continue with its youth football projects, aiming to help build healthy bodies and promote football culture among younger generations.

Youth Summit

Talent is at the core of achieving technological progress and industrial development. Having been in China more than 30 years, Volkswagen Group China considers supporting the sustainable development of China’s auto industry as an important mission. In addition to providing consumers with reliable, high-quality products and services, the Group has also cultivated a large number of professionals for China’s auto industry. The Group mobilizes its own resources to empower young people through programs that enhance their overall competitiveness, cultivate innovative talents, and meet the demand for talent in future mobility.
In 2021, Volkswagen Group China launched a five-year youth education charity project, “Youth Summit”. With the support of the China Education Development Foundation, a practice platform, exclusively for university students, is being built around “future mobility”. By promoting topics related to future mobility, university students are encouraged to participate in practical activities, and demonstrate young people’s vision for future mobility. In addition, the project will feature tailored training and mentoring programs, according to the development needs of university students.
In 2021, focusing on the theme of “Creating Low Carbon Mobility”, “Youth Summit” initiated the collection of cases among 100+ colleges and universities across China involving five major topics: Battery Reuse & Recycling for New Energy Vehicles, Key Drive Technologies, Renewable Energy Adaptation and Allocation, Low Carbon Mobility Solutions, and Future Mobility in 2030. After selection, 10 project teams will present their work at the “Youth Summit” in December and exchange their ideas with industry experts.

Artistic Engagement Program-China (AEP-China)

Artistic Engagement Program-China (AEP-China), an innovative cultural program initiated by Maestro Yu Long and co-founded by Volkswagen Group China and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, was officially launched in early 2017. It is one of major initiative supported by Volkswagen Group China under PACE Strategy.
AEP-China focuses on “youth”, “the art of music” and “throughout China”, and aims to gather and link young people through sustainable musical programs and experience activities at home and abroad, to inspire their perception and participation in art.
The program also harnesses the artistic and cultural resources of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and top domestic and overseas art troupes. With a group of globally influential artists, such as the conductor Yu Long, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and First Concertmaster of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Noah Bendix-Balgley, AEP-China comprises three programs. The AEP Shanghai Program adopts the success of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Orchestra Academy (SOA) as a model to engage professional troupes across the country, and promote musical education and art promotion activities to young people. AEP-China has also continuously supported the Youth Music Culture Guangdong program. The third major program is the China Orchestra Management and Administration Forum.
From 2017 to 2018, AEP-China has held activities in 14 domestic cities, such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Foshan, Kunming, Chengdu, Xi’an, Guiyang, Shenzhen etc., attracting 58,000 people participated in, including worldwide musicians, teenagers and local public.

Sino-German Cultural Exchange Project

“Deutschland 8: Deutsche Kunst in China” Art Exhibition
As a driving force for Sino-German exchange, Volkswagen Group China supported Deutschland 8, the largest presentation of German contemporary art in China in 2017. A total of 320 artworks were shown from 55 German artists. In total, 750,000 people attended the exhibition in seven museums in the capital city and over 5 million people were reached online, via social media.
In addition, Volkswagen Group China provided a shuttle service connecting some of museums, running special programs for its employees and their children, and launching social media activities and offering free tickets, to bring art to a broad audience, and to further strengthen communication and exchanges between China and Germany.

Boundless Arts — German Art in China workshop
In the context of 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, as well as a part of Deutschland 8, Volkswagen Group China jointly organized the Boundless Arts — German Art in China workshop with a leading Chinese art institution. A penal talk, mainly about how to promote Sino-German cultural and artistic development and exchange, was held to explore more possibilities of art.

Theatertreffen in China

China Youth Music Competition-Hummingbird Awards
Volkswagen Group China has strongly supported the China Youth Music Competition-Hummingbird Awards in three consecutive years since the competition was launched in 2016. Based on the renowned German model, Jugend musiziert, the awards are co-organized by the Beijing International Music Competition Management Committee and the German Music Council, aiming to help young musicians throughout China build their teamwork and diverse musical experience. Each year’s program has culminated in a celebration concert featuring talented young Chinese and German musicians.

German photographer Andreas Mühe’s solo exhibition in China
As a consequence of Deutschland 8 Art Exhibition, Volkswagen Group China brought back one of Deutschland 8’s highlights, photo-artist Andreas Mühe, for his very first solo exhibition in China in September, 2018.

Art x Tech’ Panel
In September, 2018, ‘Art x Tech’ Panel was hosted by Volkswagen Group China in cooperation with Karajan Institute Salzburg in Beijing. A number of pioneers and experts from both the music and tech industries were invited to discuss how the future of mobility and technology connects with art and culture.

Deutsche Grammophon’s 120th anniversary gala concert and Yellow Lounge
In 2018, Volkswagen Group China supported Deutsche Grammophon’s 120th anniversary gala concert, Yellow Lounge, and a series of anniversary programs held worldwide.
Yellow Lounge brought classical music into modern music club in its debut in China. It created a refreshing music experience and brand-new image of classical music to public in an innovative way.

120th anniversary gala concert

Yellow Lounge

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