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Volkswagen Group is one of the earliest and most successful international partners of China’s automobile industry. The Group has grown together with China’s auto industry, overcoming many challenges and achieving significant growths, during the 30 years’ partnership with China. As early as 1978, Volkswagen Group started contacts with China. In October 1984, SAIC Volkswagen Corporation Ltd, the first joint venture of Volkswagen Group in China, laid foundation in Shanghai. In February 1991, FAW-Volkswagen Corporation Ltd was established in Changchun, creating Volkswagen Group’s second joint venture in China. In 2017, Volkswagen Group launched JAC Volkswagen, a third joint venture with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. for e-mobility in China. In December 2020, the joint venture was renamed as Volkswagen (Anhui) Automotive Company Limited, after Volkswagen Group increased its stake in the company to 75%. Meanwhile, the new R&D center was inaugurated in Hefei.
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